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*This website is not affiliated with Weight Watchers in any way. Points+ values are calculated independently and have not been verified by Weight Watchers.*

I love Weight Watchers. I have been on it for about a year and have lost over 50 pounds. I swear by it and tell everyone how easy it is. The most common reaction to people who are unsure about Weight Watchers is that they don't like to count points and that it seems too tedious. At first, it was a lot to take in and learn and I was pretty sure that I wouldn't stick with it. But, after a while, it becomes second nature and when you see the number on the scale going down, you won't want to give up. You will also end up with cabinets full of food that have the Points+ values written on the box (smart!). 

Here are a few tips and tricks that I have learned while on Weight Watchers that have helped me out this past year:

  1. Buy a food scale!
  2. You will be surprised to know what the actual portion sizes for food are. 3 oz of chicken is half of a chicken breast- once I bought my food scale, I realized that I was overestimating most of the things I was eating. I have a digital food scale that I got from Target for about $25 and I keep it on my counter and use it no less than 5 times a day. 
    • Weigh everything! It may seem tedious at first, but you will get into the habit of weighing out crackers, cheese, meat, etc. I even weigh the milk that I put into my coffee. 
    • Weigh out entire pasta or skillet dishes to determine the individual serving sizes
      • When I make a pasta dish or anything that is cooked in a skillet, I will weigh the skillet by itself before I cook, then weigh it after I cook with the meal inside. I'll divide the total ounces by the number of serving sizes and then weigh out each serving. 
        • (I usually forget to weigh the skillet and end up pouring the whole thing into a bowl and weighing that)
        • This allows you to make sure every serving is the same size and that the Points+ values are accurate. 
  3. Cook enough for leftovers.
  4. This may be difficult with a larger family, but I  always make enough food for dinner to have leftovers for lunches.
    • Put leftovers in individual portion sized containers or bags
      • This is nice when you are rushed in the morning before work and will prevent you from forgetting a lunch and having something unhealthy on impulse when at work
  5. Cook for the week in advance.
    • I have made breakfasts over the weekend that I can reheat quickly before work (Such as my Mini Frittatas)
    • Cook meats in advance if you use them often
      • If you use ground turkey or chicken in a lot of your meals, cook them up on the weekend and store in the fridge until you need them
        • Brown up ground turkey in a skillet until fully cooked, then reheat for tacos or pasta dishes. 
        • Cook chicken in the crock pot: add fresh or frozen chicken breast to a crock pot. Fully cover with water and cook on high for 4 hours or low for 8. Shred with two forks and use for Enchiladas, or Tostadas by reheating in a skillet with spices and sauces. Or use in soups and stews. 

  6. Track Everything!
    • This is something that you really need to be diligent about while on Weight Watchers. Track everything that you put in your mouth. You will be surprised at how many extra Points+ you are eating by grabbing something off a family member's plate, or sneaking a handful of chips or crackers.
      • Don't forget to track drinks too! Sodas and sports drinks can have tons of Points+

  7. Take advantage of Weight Watchers awesome tools!
    • Weight Watchers has plenty of apps and tools so that you never have to leave home without your tracker. Here are the ones I use while grocery shopping or going out to eat:
      • Points+ Calculator: I have this as an app on my Android phone. I use it to calculate points at the grocery store. If I want frozen yogurt, I'll calculate the points of a few different kinds and pick the one with the least Points+. Get it here:
      • WW Scanner: I just started using this and I love it! You just scan the barcode of the food item and it comes up with the food info and the Points+ values. Then, if you eat it, you can easily add it to your tracker right from the scanner. Get it here:


  1. These are all great tips! Hearing that you lost 50 pounds has inspired me to get on WW again. My history is that I lose some weight, then get lazy or tell myself that I don't need to track anymore, and before I know it, portion sizes increase, and the weight comes back on. I don't have a smart phone, but I do have the little hand held calculator that you can buy at any WW meeting places. I will continue to use that.

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  3. Thank you so much for the info!! I've been doing WW for 6 weeks now plus exercising 5 days a week. Im down over 12 lbs so I know I'm on track but I like to hear others tips to keep me motivated ;)

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